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Senior Update: November

The seniors are in a very critical time right now, November 1st for many students is the Early Application date that is crucial to many people’s acceptance into difficult colleges. Us seniors in Ms.Alexa’s Choreography and Exploration 4 class have been prepping our solos for college auditions

Since August, the seniors have been extremely lucky to have master classes with incredible dance artists such as Kanji Segawa and Jean Emilie from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Leslie Carothers, former principal dancer at Joffrey Ballet. Learning an architectural piece by Jessica Lang with Kanji Segawa guiding us in our small spaces made everything feel big. This sense of freedom aided a sense of normalcy to such an unnatural circumstance. We had Leslie and Jean Emilie as substitutes while our regular teacher Ms. Fiona Lummis was on residency teaching Kylian repertory to the USC Kaufman School of Dance.

Interspersed through classes, we also had a multitude of LACHSA Dance Alum come in and speak about their experiences transitioning from LACHSA to a variety of prestigious dance colleges, as well as their response as artists to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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