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Dancer Spotlight: Lila Tsang '23

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Lila Tsang

11th grade, 2023



What is the best thing about being back in person?

What I love about being back in person is the fact that I can see my friends and seeing them without a mask sometimes is such a relieved feeling and I’m glad that I can dance by using up all studio space rather than being at home in my small living room.

What is your favorite thing about LACHSA right now?

I love that I can be honest with my teachers and friends without feeling judged.

What are your goals for next year as a Dance Major?

My goal for next year is to really focus on my college applications and really focusing not just on my technique as a dancer but also learning how to balance out my mental health with dancing.

What is something you’re looking forward to experiencing before you graduate from LACHSA?

I really was looking forward to having a full and complete year as a high school student, even though we had masks, it was one of the best years of my life.

What is your favorite food?

Caesar Salad

What is your favorite color?


What is your astrological sign?

Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Scorpio Moon

Do you have an outside hobby?

I love photography!!!

What is your favorite type of music to listen to?

Alternative R&B and Hip Hop

What is your favorite type of music to dance to?


If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

To breathe underwater because I don’t know how to swim and that would be a plus.

Do you have any future summer plans that are dance related? Any summer intensives? Competitions? Workshops? Etc.

I am attending the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive in NYC for 3 weeks, and then Im participating in the Heat Competition Convention Nationals as a Heat Force Company Member.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your freshman self?

Something I would say to my freshmen self: Don’t ever hesitate to talk to someone about anything, be confident in yourself because feeling unsure about yourself as a person or feeling insecure is only going to trap your head into a box you can’t get out of and it’s only going to follow you around until you can’t handle it anymore. Say what you want to say, and know that there are people around you who love and support you endlessly no matter what.



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