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Dancer Spotlight: IZABELLA ALAGAO '25

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Izabella Alagao

9th grade


LACHSA Dance Department Major

What is the best thing about being back in person? Is there anything that surprised you about being back in person?

One thing that I missed when we were on zoom was the energy we created in the room. Personally, I feed off of other people’s energy and I'm really happy to be back in person.

What is your favorite thing about LACHSA right now?

My favorite thing about LACHSA right now is probably the people. Everyone here is so talented and accepting of others. Everyone is so uniquely different and at LACHSA we all celebrate that.

What are your goals for this year as a Dance Major?

My goals for this year is to balance out my technique with my artistry because I know that technique can only get you so far, but the thing that's going to push my dancing to the next level is my artistry.

What is something you’re looking forward to experiencing this year as a Dance major?

As a dance major I’m looking forward to learning different styles that are new to me. Every style of dance has its own beauty and history so I’m excited to go out of my comfort zone.

What is your favorite food?

Korean bbq especially 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal which is grilled pork)

What is your favorite color?


What is your astrological sign?


Do you have an outside hobby?

Not really but I love to paddle board!

What is your favorite type of music to listen to?

I enjoy listening to kpop and some r&b.

What is your favorite type of music to dance to?

I like slower songs that have accents. But I also like pretty instrumental music

If you could choose to have one super power, what would it be and why?

If i could choose one superpower it would be to manipulate time. I think this would be cool because I would be able to pause time if I need more to work on something or just need a little more sleep:)

If you could give advice to your future senior self, what would it be?

Whatever it is that you have in your mind, do it. I know you get indecisive and scared but go for it! Whether it's a career you want to pressure, an offer that you receive, or a college you want to attend, do it. And don't play it safe; you have done that too many times already.

Do you have any plans for training in the Summer? Any specific dance intensives, training programs, competitions, etc…?

Over the summer I plan on going to vegas for National Dance Honors (nationals), and doing a couple summer intensives like Flux Factor, Joffrey Cirque Arts, The Industry Intensiv, and joffrey west


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